Finding the best dental coverage for your situation

1) The differences in how the two plans work.

While low-cost dental insurance is designed to be affordable, they work differently from plan to plan. With regular low-cost insurance plans, the benefits you get are a co-pay in which the insurance company will take care of part of the cost of your dental services.

A discount dental plan works a bit differently. They are one of the most affordable dental plan options you'll find anywhere. The way in which these plans differ and offer you another great form of dental care coverage is by giving you discounts you can use with dentists in the plan's network. This means you can use your discount on all of the normal services offered, so it's similar to having a co-pay from an insurance company.

Please refer to the Fee Schedule link in the side bar to review what the QCD individual discount dental plan offers. You will find all of the procedures covered under this plan and the discounted costs. These costs are usually fifty percent of usual, customary, and routine costs.

2) But how much do the premiums or fees cost?

A good quality low-cost dental insurance policy that's still affordable will require you to spend around $500 per year. However, with dental discount plans, you spend a flat rate for the discounts your receive at the time service and payment. Usually, it's about half of usual, customary, and reasonable (UCR) fees. That makes dental discount plans one of your most affordable options. The key is you pay for only what you use.

Here are the monthly fees for the QCD individual discount plan.

Individual Monthly Payment Program (Dental and Vision)

Single Member $8.95
Single and One Depedent $12.95
Single and Family $17.95

Please refer to dental plan cost comparison for a detailed analysis of dental plan costs.

3) Which one has the best value?

The answer to this question for individuals is clearly the discount dental plan. It will save you money over the long-term. Furthermore, the care you receive from the dentists in the QCD network is the highest quality attainable. All of the QCD dentists must pass rigorous certifications. They have outstanding credentials and are eager to provide you with the highest quality care at the greatest value to you as an individual.


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